Land’s End Resort…we put the soul in Solstice

The Perfect Place for Fun in the Sun!

Have you been to Homer in the month of June…

Marveled at all there is to do?

Savored longer days, pure light so true

It’s all right here, and much more, too

Land’s End…your world-class point of view!

Come see the light! Experience the very best of Solstice this summer in the heart of Kachemak Bay. With alluring attractions in every direction, you’ll see, feel and experience the wonders of our longest day in all their glory and from every direction.   

And during these longer days, the temptation to see, do and experience everything here is powerful. But don’t forget, this is also one of the best places on the planet to discover inspiration, inner peace and the very best in you and those you love.

With all there is to see, feel and do here in June, you and your loved ones can create lifetime memories in a place we love to call home. Stay at Land’s End and make time to savor the very best of Kachemak…right outside your doorit’s just the beginning!
Solstice in Homer

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