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The Ultimate List of Events in Homer Alaska

Accessed via one of the world’s most scenic drives (or daily flights) from Anchorage, Homer is an enchanting destination along the shores of Kachemak Bay, surrounded by soaring mountains and glaciers. Fishing enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, aesthetes, outdoor adventurers, foodies, and travelers of all types enjoy it here. While many visitors[…]

Top 8 Ways to Enjoy the Winter Holidays in Homer

Imagine a postcard-perfect waterfront town with dramatic snow-covered peaks and few, if any, tourist crowds. That’s Homer, Alaska in the winter. Holidays in Homer are like a dream, with all the twinkling lights and festive cheer. While the cold might keep most visitors away, that just makes it more enjoyable[…]

3 Ways to Spend Your Day At Grewingk Glacier In Homer Alaska

Glaciers are one of Mother Nature’s most mesmerizing works of art. It takes centuries for them to form and they cover approximately 10% of the Earth, storing three-quarters of its freshwater. With over 660 named glaciers in Alaska, the state is one of the top destinations to see them. And,[…]

The Best Places to Start Your Day with Breakfast in Homer, Alaska

There are few things better than waking up to the beauty of Homer, Alaska. Mornings are especially serene with the sun rising over the sparkling waters of Kachemak Bay while mist envelopes the soaring mountain peaks and glaciers.  That view is worth getting out of even the comfiest and coziest[…]

How to Have the Perfect Day at The Homer Fishing Hole

Fishing is a way of life in Homer and it also brings opportunities for visitors to experience it while surrounded by the town’s magnificent scenery. The rich waters of Kachemak Bay are home to a wide variety of fish and wildlife species, so when you’re casting your line you can[…]

How to Get to Katmai National Park From Homer, Alaska

While there is a long list of things to do in Homer, Alaska, from world-class fishing, whale watching, tide-pooling, and hiking to exploring art galleries, museums, peony farms, and magnificent parks, one of the must-dos is a visit to Katmai National Park. Homer is one of the best places to[…]

Where to Find the Best Seafood in Homer, Alaska

The North Pacific produces a bounty of seafood that’s unmatched by just about anywhere else on the planet and one of the best places to sample it fresh is Homer. Set along Kachemak Bay with a stunning mountain backdrop, it’s known as the world’s halibut capital. Those glistening sapphire waters[…]

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Top 5 Romantic Getaways in Alaska for an Unforgettable Trip

The landscapes alone make Alaska one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway. The pristine environment boasts untouched wilderness, soaring snow-capped mountain peaks, glistening blue-tinged glaciers, sparkling alpine lakes, meandering rivers, and even beautiful beaches. Combined with opportunities for thrilling outdoor adventures, abundant wildlife, and resorts ideal for sparking[…]

Everything You Should Know BEFORE Visiting the Homer Tide Pools

Set near the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, Homer may be described with various phrases like “the cosmic hamlet by the sea” or “where the land ends and the sea begins,” but one thing that stays the same when describing this fishing and arts community is its striking beauty. […]

Is Homer Alaska Worth Visiting? 5 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss it.

Yes! The answer is a resounding yes, Homer is worth visiting. In fact, it’s worth going out of your way to experience this spectacular coastal town on the Kenai Peninsula. These are just a few of the reasons not to miss it.  The Landscape Sometimes referred to as the “Cosmic[…]