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Hospitality: A Global Industry with a Lifetime of Rewards Land’s End: The Perfect Place to Enjoy Your Work


Hospitality is a vibrant and exciting profession. It’s easy for one to get started, easy to grow within our company, and even easier to transport your skills to another hospitality company in another part of the world. Hospitality is challenging and demanding, but it’s rewarding work that gives us purpose.

Top Reasons to Work in Hospitality:

  • It’s a positive environment - Guests are here because they choose to be
  • Hospitality is about people - You’re empowered to make a person’s day
  • You’re able to grow quickly within the Industry
  • All positions are very transportable to other communities
  • The industry has many creative positions. Sales or Cooking, for example, reward creativity
  • Hours are often flexible
  • For seasonal workers, jobs often coincide with school schedules

Land’s End has pride in our workplace and our team. Our employees consistently win statewide hospitality awards. Guest comments confirm that we highlight our service and teamwork.


Why join the Land’s End Team? Here’s a message from our General Manager, Lea Miller:

“After 15 years at Land’s End, I find that the most rewarding purpose and fulfillment in coming to work every day is working with the team who make this place run. I go out of my way for our internal team here because I can’t possibly take care of external guests without first taking care of our internal customer. It is my highest priority, and my largest investment is in each individual who works here.”

Our Belief

Land's End believes in going the extra mile, and in making the effort to get there worth it.  We believe that everyone deserves to discover happiness - and a slice of paradise- and that our purpose is to help you find it.

Our Commitment

We're committed to building things of enduring value, like our relationships.  That is why we work hard to provide excellent customer services and unique properties that create lasting memories.

Your Discovery

We believe travel is not just about a destination:  It's about your journey.  Land's End helps you discover and engage your surroundings, wherever you may be.

Sample Positions:

Reservations Agent – A Reservation Agent answers calls and introduces guests to Land’s End. You can expect training on sales, phone handling, and verbal communications. As the first point of contact with our guests, a reservationist establishes the first impression for Land’s End. Front Desk Clerks & Night Audit Agents –These positions are the first people our guests get to meet at arrival and are the first place people look for information and answers. These are customer service positions that require computer and phone skills.

Servers, Bartenders, Bussers, Baristas – We have a full service restaurant and banquet facility. We can host a dinner for two or a conference for 200, which means there are many roles in the Food and Beverage Department that can expose you to the variety of options within this part of the service industry.

Cooks & Kitchen Support Staff – We have a large and highly productive kitchen which hosts all types of positions. There are opportunities for those with and without previous experience and there is plenty of upward mobility.

Admin & Accounting Staff – There are countless personal interactions and financial transactions that take place in the hospitality industry. Our Administration and Accounting teams ensure they are done properly to meet expectations of the company and the guests. Attention to detail and accuracy are very important to these roles.

Sales & Marketing, Event Staff – We need strong capable people to deliver events. From initiating sales calls, to executing events large and small, professionalism and precision ensure that our customers become our best marketing.

Housekeeping Staff – No business can be successful without the essential support of their Housekeeping Staff. Our housekeeping team takes pride in providing routine consistent cleanliness for our guests.

Maintenance Crew – There are many moving parts in a hotel with so many departments. It takes people with moderate knowledge and experience in a multitude of fields. With tasks changing daily or even hourly, our maintenance team must be adaptable to the varied situations that can come up in any given day. From helping guests with a TV, to changing a lightbulb or working on our essential equipment, our team must be ready and able to manage the challenge of being needed by many.

Mid-level Management Positions – Each department has mid-level management positions which opens the door for those who are seeking to elevate their skills to more opportunities.