The Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

For Shore…more birds than you can imagine!

As a prime sponsor of the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival every May, Land’s End is the perfect place to stay and view more than 100,000 shorebirds comprising 25 unique species as they converge on Kachemak Bay and Homer.

Among this breathtaking throng are thousands of intriguing Murres. As veteran festival-goers know, these winged charmers can only be seen shoreside from Land’s End Resort as flocks of hundreds of Murres skitter inches above Kachemak Bay. And, as veteran birders will tell you, Murres dive up to 600’ deep in search of prey, and are even more graceful under water as they are in flight!

So, dust off your binoculars, pack your cameras and join seasoned birders from around the world. The Shorebird Festival has something for everyone, including those of us who are simply thrilled to welcome our returning winged friends, like the Arctic Tern that migrates 55,000 miles roundtrip every years to and from Alaska!

The Shorebird Festival is typically held in early May. The festival includes guest speakers, workshops, films and field trips sponsored by Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, and the Festival Planning Committee. Stop at marked viewing spots and cruise the bay for glimpses of the 130 migratory species that make Homer a stopping off point on their migratory routes or settle here for the summer.

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