Straight from the Heart of Kachemak Bay

It’s here in the heart of Kachemak Bay

The perfect place to stay and play

Where adventure awaits you every day

Land’s End, your world-class getaway…

Just the beginning’s not far away!

There are few places in the world that offer more for the eye, mind and spirit than Kachemak Bay. Encircled by majestic mountains and glaciers, the bay forms a necklace of hidden coves, bays, harbors and islands hosting a variety of shellfish, wildlife and marine mammals. And whether you come here to experience the ultimate Alaska adventure – or to escape the cares of the world – Kachemak never disappoints.

As seasoned veterans of the Kachemak experience know, the crown jewel of the bay is found four and a half miles into the heart of Kachemak. Here, at the famed “end of the road” is Land’s End Resort, at the very tip – the pinnacle – of the Homer Spit. With countless alluring attractions in every direction, Land’s End is your gateway to all things Alaska and the very best of Kachemak.

And, if it’s your good fortune to visit Kachemak soon, don’t miss what many describe as Alaska’s premier outdoor dining experience…the deck at Land’s End.  This salt-kissed, expansive oceanfront dining attraction delivers the sights, sounds and spirit of what you came here for, and that’sjust the beginning!

Kachemak Bay

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