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It’s January and though the days are getting longer, Alaskans are still in hibernation mode. I like to think we are storing up energy for an adventure-filled spring and summer. But, January is also “just the beginning” of another year of change—a reminder to us of what makes Homer and Land’s End a special place.
We are continually energized by every approaching visitor season, and warmed by the diversity of life it brings to our community—all the amazing stories and life adventures. We see thousands of people in the course of a year–young, old, families, retirees, fishing parties and business groups. Most are Alaskans, many from just up the road, but many are from far-away places across the oceans. We also employ people from around the world, who add to the richness of life here at the end of the road.

January marks the beginning of this annual renewal of friends, old and new. It also marks the time of year when we reflect on everything we’ve, heard from guests about their experiences, and how we can sustain what we do right and improve what needs our attention. Travel is far more than the destination. It is a journey, and we take pride and joy in being part of so many of these every year. Today we want to say “thank you” to everyone who makes Land’s End part of their journey and contributes to Homer and to our lives in so many wonderful ways

-Written By Jon Faulkner

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We’ve all heard the phrase “love at first sight.” In Homer, near the southern tip of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, those who live here and those who visit know such emotion is stirred not only by person, but also by place.

No matter how you arrive, the natural beauty will make you smile. Perhaps your journey is by sea, sailing into the protected waters of Kachemak Bay, welcomed by the spouts of whales or the dorsal fin of a passing orca. Maybe your journey brings you by plane, gliding over glaciers woven among Kenai Mountains peaks, sharing the air with majestic bald eagles.

Most likely, your itinerary includes travel by land. In that case, your first view of the area will be from the pull-out, just before the Sterling Highway descends to this coastal treasure. Like thousands others, you’ll find yourself captivated by the bay’s sparkling pristine waters, the snow-capped rim of mountains that protects the bay from the turbulent waters of the North Pacific, the curious outline of the 4.5 mile–long spit, and the community of Homer nestled along the shore.

Homer’s attraction goes deeper than first impressions, however. Its lure is nourished by the value residents place on the area’s rich history. It radiates in the creativity of Homer’s artists, writers and musicians. It bursts with fishing, skiing, skating and numerous other ways to interact with the outdoors. It is fed by a bounty of fresh seafood and Alaska-grown produce prepared by local chefs and brought to your table.

And it comforts and soothes when you crawl into bed at night and drift to sleep, lullabied by the whispering surf.

-Article by McKibben Jackinsky
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Valentine’s Day Is Just Around The Corner… Come Join us.

I have spent the last 20 of my 40 years in Alaska working and living right here in Homer.  As for the first 20 years, I spent most of those wishing I lived in Homer.

Whenever I hear that expression, “just imagine you are in your happy place”, I don’t have to think very long or hard on the answer:  I’m already here.  My happy place was, is and always will be Homer, Alaska.

Living here is truly a blessing, but I am also fortunate to work at what many agree is one of the crown jewels of Kachemak Bay, Land’s End Resort on the tip of the famed Homer Spit. I work at a place with million dollar views in most every direction, and spectacular wildlife viewing every day. From our front door here at Land’s End, it’s a short walk to world-class sport fishing, incomparable beachcombing and premier dining.  Did I mention horseback riding? Biking? Southern exposure? The friendliest people on earth? Shopping?

Whatever it is that makes you joyful and happy, I can just about guarantee you’ll find it here in Homer.  And chances are, you will also discover something extraordinary, something breathtaking or something completely unexpected that makes you smile from the inside out.

When it comes to happiness, Land’s End is everything you imagined, and best of all, it’s just the beginning!

-Article by Mike Dye, Land’s End Resort

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