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3 Art Galleries To Peruse In Homer Alaska

Homer is famous for its striking beauty, located at the edge of sparkling Kachemak Bay with awe-inspiring views of the Kenai Mountains and a number of volcanic peaks across Cook Inlet, including Mount Redoubt, Mount Iliamna, and Mount Augustine. 

Often described as a place “where the land ends and the sea begins,” Homer has long attracted artists and other creatives who are inspired by the breathtaking scenery. While you’ll want to spend plenty of time immersed within it, if you dig a bit deeper you’ll discover even more in the many local galleries featuring everything from paintings and glass art to intricate beading, and Alaskan Native works. These three galleries are truly not-to-be-missed.


Dean Family Farm and Art Studios 

The Dean Family Farm and Art Studios is open by appointment, bringing the opportunity to visit working art studios and even watch art as it’s created. Nestled in the woods, it includes a unique Homer gallery space that features the works of local artists Jeff, Ranja, and M’fanwy Dean. Everything from metal wall art and significant focal point wood art to specialty prints on paper, metal and wood, along with gifts can be found here.

The highlight of any visit, however, is a guided tour. You can join the artists themselves to discover all sorts of art, architecture, gardens, and animals, along with a sweeping vista of Kachemak Bay and Kachemak Bay State Park. 

The tour begins in Jeff and Ranja’s creative space, a large shed transformed into an art studio/workshop with tools and supplies covering nearly every surface. Jeff might demonstrate his incredible artistic process, often with a focus on sculpture, before Ranja brings you around the impressively constructed homestead providing a feast for the eyes. Every detail, down to the chicken coop, is gorgeously crafted. Plus there are donkeys and cashmere goats to meet too.

At the end of your tour, plan to spend time in the art gallery and perhaps purchase one of the many creations that make for the perfect gift or souvenir. 


Ptarmigan Arts

An eclectic downtown gallery, Ptarmigan has been around for nearly four decades. It’s become a staple in Homer’s art scene as the only cooperative art gallery here, owned and operated by local artists. Here you can view works from both newcomers and established artists and even meet them as they staff the gallery. Just about every kind of art can be found, including paintings, etchings, woodwork, pottery, sculptures, stone lithographs, sculptures, jewelry, and fine art prints. 

This is one of the best venues in Homer to find a collection of art created by Alaskan artists who work in all mediums, which means you’ll probably want to plan on spending a good chunk of time here, enjoying hours and hours of browsing and perhaps buying too. Instead of that t-shirt, you can purchase a local item that is sure to mean a lot more. Plus, you’ll be supporting the gallery’s efforts to provide visual arts scholarships to high schoolers who are hoping to take their education in the arts to the next level.


Art Shop Gallery

Representing nearly 50 Alaskan arts from throughout the state, the Art Shop Gallery is a fabulous place for original Alaskan works. Renowned Alaskan artists like Katie Sevigny, Barbara Lavalllee, Bruce Nelson, and Byron Birdsall among others are all represented here. 

If you’re looking for a painting of the area, the fauna and flora, you’ll find many beautiful options. Not only are there lots of originals, but there are limited edition prints, fine art posters, and even a collection of ivory and bone carvings created by Native Alaskans. Jewelry, pottery, glass, and Alaskan Christmas ornaments can be found too. 

The Art Shop Gallery isn’t a venue where you’ll have to take out a second mortgage to make a purchase, there’s something for every budget here. Occasionally a local artist will make an appearance, signing items, personalizing cards, or even drawing pictures right on the spot, a customized creation just for you. It’s a wonderful way to bring home memories of your time in Homer.


Immerse Yourself 

If you want to truly immerse yourself in Homer’s beauty, both manmade and stunning works of Mother Nature, there’s no better place to stay than Land’s End, right on the tip of the Homer Spit, surrounded by water on three sides with soaring mountains in the backdrop. It’s the perfect place to watch for marine life, including whales while enjoying upscale accommodation and exceptional service provided by a staff that will make you feel like family.

Land’s End also features local art throughout the entire first floor. Here’s what to expect and where to find them: 

  • 1st Floor Port Hallway: Homer Spit Historical Photos
  • 2nd Floor Port Hallway: Historical Land’s End Photos and Documents
  • 1st Floor Hallway: Homer News articles/photos on the “Eagle Lady”
  • 1st Floor Midship Hallway: Erik David Behnke
  • 1st Floor Starboard Hallway: Alice Mayo Shaw
  • 1st Floor Stateroom Hallway: Paul Jauregui (NY Born, Ecuadorian) but has a specific Homer Collection of pieces

Moreover, there are many different room options, from beachfront rooms to cabins complete with kitchens and laundry facilities and luxurious homes with up to four bedrooms, ideal for families and larger groups. Just imagine waking up to the calls of the eagles and the sounds of the gentle surf with the beach just steps from your door. 

If you rise early enough, you can even sip your morning coffee while taking in a glorious sunrise and the spectacular vista right from your private balcony. 


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