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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding




If you enjoy wilderness horseback adventures you are in the perfect location. Take a guided ride down to the shores of Bishops Beach on trails accessible by horseback. View nesting Bald Eagles and enjoy the beautiful blooming wild flowers of this spectacular location. Enjoy the Kenai Peninsula’s beautiful mountain ranges and meadows on horseback. You will explore some of the most scenic Alaskan landscape imaginable accessible by horseback. View bald eagles up close, see where they nest and watch them feed. Your guide will educate you about the many local stories of people who lived in old town and what is was like to experience the largest recorded earthquake in history. Then ride down through the meadows where wild flowers meet the sea.We recommend you carry a daypack with sun tan lotion, camera, binoculars, light rain gear snacks, bottled water, gloves, hat and first aid kit.