Kachemak Bay and Land’s End Resort

In the heart of Kachemak Bay…

Land’s End Resort…wondrous, unique, exceptional

Just a few hours south…
A million miles from ordinary!

A wondrous journey…waits for you
Horizons call, adventures, too
Come find the place where dreams come true…
Land’s End…much more to see…and do!

Land’s End, in the heart of Kachemak Bay, is a one-of-a-kind destination like no other. And that, as we say, is just the beginning! From renowned panoramic vistas to world-class fishing and wildlife viewing, Land’s End rivals some of the world’s most beloved locales. The beaches here are seemingly endless, remarkably pristine. Nearby activities – like beach-combing, biking, boating, bear-viewing – abound throughout Kachemak. And those are just the “b’s”!

And while Homer is one of those true-to-life places where there is something great for everyone, it is also one of the most relaxing, peaceful and inspiring places you’ll ever experience.

Find yourself at Land’s End Resort. From the adventures you seek to the romance you crave, it all awaits you here at the end of the road. Come rediscover the very best in you and those you love. We’re just a few hours south…a million miles from ordinary. Maybe two million!

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