Kachemak Bay Adventure Travel – Land’s End Resort

Kachemak Bay Adventure Travel

Kachemak Bay Adventure Travel

A whole new world is a just a few hours from Anchorage.

We live in a world that is rich in wondrous, exotic destinations. Unfortunately, accessing many of these havens of adventure is often beyond our means and reach…but Kachemak Bay adventures start right here in Homer.

For the adventure-seeker in each of us, Land’s End Resort offers an unrivaled depth and breadth of alluring activities and adventures.

From breathtaking panoramas and ever-changing horizons to serene, hidden coves and pristine beaches, come explore a special place where your footprints often stand alone till the tide comes in.

From world-class arts and hand-crafts to an amazing line-up of fine dining choices and performance art, there is something to see, do and experience for everyone just outside your door at Land’s End Resort. It’s all right here at the famed end of the road, and it is – as always just the beginning.

Book Kachemak By Adventure Travel while at Land’s End Resort.

Kachemak Bay State Park

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