Donation Request

Thank you for contacting Landís End. Whenever possible we are happy to support non-profit organizations in their efforts to raise funds.

Landís End issues two kinds of Donations: Humanitarian and Marketing.
1) Humanitarian donations are restricted to Homer and the Kenai Peninsula. They are designed to provide direct aid to an individual, or to a relief organization, with the goal of relieving human suffering.
2) Marketing donations are Quid-Pro-Quo; they require an equivalent amount of advertising and promotional value in exchange. For example, if the local little league is seeking a donation, we'd consider an offer of $200 cash in exchange for a dugout sign or handing out a special coupon at a game.

Please complete all questions in this Donation Request Form for your request to be considered by our donation committee. Please note that an incomplete form will not be considered. If a field is not applicable, please indicate ďN/AĒ.

Part 1 – Requester Information

Is your organization a registered non-profit organization?
Local Homer or Kenai Peninsula Office? (Check one)*
In which community does your organization have the most impact and how?
Please provide a brief description of your organization, focusing on its purpose.*
How do you promote your programs and services to the community?

Part 2 – Land’s End and your Organization

How do individuals access your programs?
Has Land’s End ever donated to your organization before?*
If yes, please explain when and what was donated?
Do you know of any present or past Land’s End employees active in your organization?
Have you spoken to anyone at Land’s End about this request?*

Part 3 - Your Donation Request

Currently, we consider requests only if they are received at least 30 days prior to the date of need in order to allow ample time for review and processing.

Does your request need to be fulfilled within the next 30 days?

(Date mm/dd/yyyy)
Delivery of Donation: (check one)*
Who will benefit from the donation? How will proceeds be spent?
What type of donation are you interested in? Please check all that apply *
Will this donation be packaged with other donated products and services?*
How will you be advertising /displaying our donation? How much space do you have for donation display?
Are blackout dates acceptable?*
Are there any restriction requests?*
Is this donation being requested for a specific campaign/event?
(Date mm/dd/yyyy)
Is this an annual event?
How you are advertising this event?
Who will be providing the food service for your event?  
Will other organizations be donating goods or services?

Part 4 - Exposure

Will there be any advertisement or promotions featuring Land’s End?*
Please describe
What type of recognition will your contributors receive? Please check all that apply*
Please describe how you would allocate the funds requested.
What benefits, qualitative or quantitative, do you anticipate will result from this donation?
If we are able to assist you, a copy of the invitation, program or any newspaper articles, as well as a letter recognizing our donation, with its value, on your letterhead would be appreciated.

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